Kent Villard

IT Consultant in Prince Edward Island, Canada

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"He had delusions of adequacy"
- with apologies to Walter F. Kerr

"I have this thing for excellent customer service"
- Me, all the time.

Career Technology Wrangler currently working as an IT Consultant.

In a former life, I was the IT Service Delivery Leader for a large enterprise. For a decade I was an E-Learning Administrator in a University and a Moodle guy. I have been (and may well still be, depending on the day), an IT Project manger, a web developer, Linux snob, computer programmer, and software support/IT hardware repair guy.

"I used to be a programmer but then I took an integer to the knee."
-said no one with a sense of humor.

Sensible Apple fan, creature feature movie buff, retro arcade and console game collector. Seriously avid punster. Facial hair aficionado.

Self-proclaimed skeptic. battling pseudoscience with real science. Fossil record fanboy. Pen & Ink artist wannabe.

Father of two, husband to one, master of none. Allergic to cats. My can't shows no concern about this fact.

Known to have said:

"Yes, I spend all of my waking hours in front of some sort of IT-related device or activity. So what's your point?".

"I love my cats."

"Sadly my opinions are entirely my own...sorry about that".

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