Kenneth Daly

Cumana, Venezuela

Old school Programmer and DBMS administracion. From Assembler-CPM-BASIC-DOS-MPPM-Novell-Windows and now learning Linux. From 16Kb Ram 8 bits NoHDD (Casette tape Rec) to 16GB RAM 64 bits 8 core 2TB HDD..

I started as Electronics technician with stage in Venezuelan experimental Nuclear Reactor at Pipe (5MW). Continued my studies in Montpellier, France up to a DEA. Worked as Professor at the university in Montpellier for a year. Came back to Venezuela as Professor in IUT Cumana; stayed there for 8 year becoming chief of Professional Studies Division. Since 1988 I've been freelance consultant and developer. Fox, Foxpro, Visual Foxpro, Visual Basic, Access, Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Currently focused on learning Linux and web services. On the side: MQL4, forex, hard critic of poli-tics. Love Science reading, technologies, Science Fiction reading, photography, Art, Music specially Celtic. I hope to be around for the singularity... and the triumph of Good over evil.

  • Work
    • Freelance
  • Education
    • Universite des Siences et Techniques du Languedoc
    • Institud Universitaire de Technologie. Electronique
    • DEA COnception de Systemes. Laboratoire D'automatique Montpellier