Ken Wallace

Chicago Illinois Usa

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Ken is a husband, father, sailor, web developer, and entrepreneur. Ken is GM of WP Sandbox, and founder of several startups including MastermindJam and Startup Coffee. Ken was formerly VP of Business Solutions for Nova Libra, a Chicago-area web development consulting firm.

Ken and his wife enjoy sailing, traveling, scuba, camping, hiking, and the occasional bareboat sailing charter vacation in the Caribbean.

Here's how Ken makes teams he works with 10x better: with deep experience solving a wide range of real-world technical and business challenges, Ken knows how to dig deeper — asking the right questions of the right people at the right time — to get to the best solution faster.

Ken is adept at acting as an ombudsman between development teams, product people, and business stakeholders, helping each side understand one another.

Ken excels in SaaS, e-commerce, and mobile product management.

A Microsoft Certified Professional, Ken has deep hands-on experience in software architecture, web development, relational database administration, user interaction design, HIPAA compliance, and PCI compliance for technology companies.

Ken has spent years creating best of breed content management, product management, warehouse management, and IVR systems for a wide range of businesses.

Yes, of course, Ken fully understands that this description makes him sound like equal parts unicorn and insufferable prick, but folks who've worked with Ken will attest to his deep abiding sense of servitude and stewardship.

Your business, your project, and your team needs someone like Ken.