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LOS ANGELES, CA – A California judge heard oral arguments in the Kenyon Glover assault lawsuit and ruled in favor of the victim based on “clear and convincing evidence” in the case.

The Dallas minister appeared in court in connection with an assault on a woman whom he was providing spiritual guidance working under the cloak of spiritual advisor — the judge ruled the victim was assaulted.

Former Deputy District Attorney and 30-year veteran prosecutor with the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office Turned Judge Alfred A. Coletta presided over the trial.

The court granted a permanent restraining order against Glover for the woman's protection.

The decision comes after the court heard testimony from both the victim and Glover, who admitted he was in possession of a handgun, admitted to removing the weapon from the holster, and handling the weapon in the victim's presence in the time period preceding the assault.

Testimony in the hearing revealed that Glover had an extensive history of domestic violence, where he had previously assaulted his ex-wife. Testimony revealed that Glover had been arrested and charged with a prior domestic violence offense.

A former professional basketball player with the National Basketball Association (NBA), turned actor-filmmaker, and motivational speaker, Glover currently works as a fitness trainer at PickUp USA Fitness in Coppell, Texas, according to court documentation.

By: Coalition For Change - Action Coalitions

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