Keriann McNamara-McCauliffe

Denver, Colorado, United States

Okay, deep breath. My name is Keriann, and I’m a nerd. Pause for response. Not so long ago, in a galaxy pretty close to where we are now I was born in the mid to late 80’s, when pop culture was at a peak of awesomeness. Being the youngest of three girls, I eagerly accepted my place as the weird one and threw myself into the things that made me happy. In my case, that was horror, fantasy, and science fiction.

I saw A Nightmare on Elm Street at a very young age and it changed my life for the better. I became obsessed with horror movies and monsters, seeking out anything that might fit my craving. I watched repeats of Tales From The Crypt every Saturday night at 9, I recorded all of the Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror episodes so I could watch them on repeat, I snuck out of bed to stay awake and watch the late night movies on local TV which is where I was first exposed to such horror classics as Prom Night, Friday the 13th VII: Jason Goes to Hell, Asylum, and of course the ever terrifying George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead. My obsession became a lifestyle, which got me into Cosplay and make up at a young age because I wanted to turn myself into the people and monsters I watched in movies. My poor mother tried so hard to get me out of my Halloween costumes before the second week in November.

I grew older, but never out of my nerdom. I morphed into all different types, from punk geek to theater geek but through it all I was always the weird girl who felt a kindred spirit link to Godzilla and Frankenstein, learned style, language and strength tips from copying Buffy Summers’ every move, and was so obsessed with Harry Potter my family members wondered if they should seek professional help for me.

These days I’m in my late 20’s, I have two beautiful little boys who are my whole world. I dabble in FX make up and I use my free time, which is very limited, to make macabre style jewelry, accessories and artwork in hopes of starting my own little business soon. My nerdy loves are still a huge part of my life and who I am; Doctor Who holds a special place in my heart, anything related to X-Men or Batman makes me squeal, I’d sell my left foot to sell Hellboy 3, I’m still holding out hope that someday David Duchovny will ask me to marry him, and to me monsters are just misunderstood.

  • Education
    • University of Northern Colorado