Keri Grossman, LCSW

Chicago, IL

As a licensed clinical social worker, I have over 15 years of experience working with children, families and adults. My post graduate certificate in infant mental health from the Erikson Institute has afforded me formal training in working with young children (birth to 5 years old) and their families. Thus, I possess a unique duality in my practice and talent that allows me to connect and understand children of all ages; while also being able to relate to parents on an adult level.

My work with children is rooted in play-based approaches with talk interventions. Play allows children to express their challenges in their own way. Therapeutic play brings understanding to a child’s emotional world. Interventions offer children an opportunity to learn better ways to cope, so they may thrive.

With care and acceptance, I assist parents through difficult parenting circumstances as they develop into the best parent they can be. My work with couples encourages them to develop ways to work together in order to be an effective and healthy co-parenting team for their child(ren).

Child specific areas of expertise:

Childhood anxiety and depression

Developmental Delays

Family relationship problems

Behavioral Issues

Social Challenges


Parent specific areas of expertise:

Discuss parenting challenges

Provide effective parenting strategies

Build healthy parent-child attachment relationships

Explore ways to support children through various life transitions

Offer an understanding of early childhood social-emotional development

My work with adults begins through creating a partnership between myself and my clients. I use empathic listening to gain a better understanding and offer reflective insights that can connect us to the past leading to deeper resolution. Problem-solving and decision making are important components that can bring about change from which goals can be achieved.

As a divorce and custody mediator, I facilitate collaborative and constructive discussions in order to obtain mutually beneficial agreements. I believe it is important to honor a clients’ right to self-determination, while focusing on the well-being of the parents divorcing but more importantly any children involved. I prefer to work collaboratively with family law practitioners in order to decrease an adversarial approach and lessen the emotional pact t

  • Work
    • Private Practice
  • Education
    • Loyola University: Master in Clinical Social Work
    • Erikson Institute: Infant Mental Health Certificate
    • Certified Divorce and Custody Mediator