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Fan of honey singh? Want to see him delivering some dialogues this time? Well Watch The Xpose Movie as this is going to be a debut flick of him along with Himesh. yes, you heard it right! Both are a leading music composers and singers and seeing them on screen would be a thrilling experience.

The upcoming thriller of Honey Singh! Would you like to watch honey singh performing on big screen, this time in a movie? We all know he is a internatinally recognized rapper but how good he is at delivering movie dialogues? Well for that Watch The Xpose Movie that also stars Himesh.

HImesh Reshamiya will be seen on big screen again! Try until you succeed, well this seems to be the success mantra of himesh as even after so many flops at box office he is ready to be seen on big screen again, this time with the famous and heart robber of many -honey singh! Watch The Xpose Movie and you will surely love the amazing suspense thriller with both the music stars.

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