Kermeisha Patterson

Teacher, Hair Stylist, and Project Manager in Texas

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MY TESTIMONY: I grew up with saved parents (Sunday School teachers), went to church regularly & I attended a Christian school. At a young age, I recall having a love for God, instilled by my parents, pastor & school teachers. I recall “getting saved” many times after hearing a stirring message or because my friends got saved. However, I’d find myself going back to the wayward actions that led me to get saved the last time. One day, during Bible class, we were talking about the Holy Ghost. I asked my teacher “what if you’re not sure if you have the Holy Ghost?” She said, “Oh, there’s no harm in going to the altar to be sure.” So, the next church service, I made my way to the altar, & told my pastor that I wanted the Holy Ghost. He prayed for me & I was escorted to the prayer room where there was a minister waiting to pray with me to receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost. I wasn’t sure what to expect. But, I was encouraged to just begin telling God “thank you for the Holy Ghost.” So, I did. As I lifted my arms, thanking God for the Holy Ghost, suddenly, I went from speaking in English to speaking in tongues, as the Spirit gave the utterance. I was so overcome with joy & amazement. This is what I had been missing but I thought I already had!

Later, during my junior/senior year, I allowed the enemy to trick me into thinking that I was missing out on something. I was about to graduate high school and I wanted to see what the world outside of my upbringing had to offer. The enemy didn’t waste any time exposing me to one thing after another & making me think this was what life was really all about. But, I was at church one Christmas break, & the Holy Ghost began to convict my heart & say “You know better than how you’re living. You know that you need to be saved.” I couldn’t argue. It was the truth. However, I began to think about what I’d have to give up if I got saved. I expressed to the Lord that I didn’t want to get saved yet desire the things that I was doing in the world. I didn’t see how I was going to stay saved. Do you know that the Lord spoke to my spirit and said all I needed to do was surrender to Him and He would keep me? Those words brought such relief! God gave me a glimpse of how my sin affected Him and my heart was broken. When I saw the ugliness of sin, I became truly sorry for my sins. Once I surrendered my will for His will, right then and there, God changed my desires and the course of my life!

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    • Trinity Christian School
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    • Lobias Murray Christian Academy
    • Mountain View Community College
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