Kerol Ü

Southside, Makati City Philippines.

When i was 11 y/o. someone's asked me, "10 years before now what you want to be?" after that question i anwered it. i said "I'll become a soldier like my dad, i build my own house, i buy my own car, my luxury and my needs, i travel around the philippines, i'll wait for my mr. right, and we create a happy family as everybody's want to be. but, after 6 years that dream was ruin because of a guy who i fall inloved. we loved each other for two years, his my first serious boyfriend, in that moment i thought i found him. but i was wrong because he leave me and our baby. i was 7mos. pregnant when i decide to move on, to face the problem and fix my mess, meaning in a very young age i'll become a single mom. after a year i met a guy who accept me for who i am and specially my son. he become my cure of my past i thank him because i'm better then before, I found myself because of him. and again after two years he left me, maybe because were not meant to be. and then after a month i'll become fine. now i'm 21 year old my son is already in a age of three, were happy and better. im taking Asso. in Contact Center Services. i still live with my parent in Makati city. until now im still dreaming to fullfil my dream when I was young, to be settled soon and found my mr.right. today, tomorrow, and forever Life goes on.

  • Education
    • Asso. in Contact Center Services