Kerrick Young

Web Developer, Small Business Owner, and Actor in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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It was for as long as I could remember i thought, "work is for those who has yet to discover their talents."

I'll keep this short....

Born in Clarendon, Jamaica. Migrated to the US around 10yrs old - Went back to Jamaica at 12yrs old - Then back to the US at 14yrs...

Finished High school -- left home right after, got an Associate in Computer Science (mostly for my dad), then never used it. Worked a couple customer service jobs, I was bored so trouble found me.. lol, Had my 1st child at 20yrs and decided to stop running from my talents.. Started a couple business, correction: Started too much business, needless to say i bite off more than i could handle.. So i started focusing on one thing, web development. At which Quintin Henry(Founder of The ModSquad) reached out to me to help him build what is now one of the largest E-commerce Modification Firms on the web, The ModSquad LLC. After a few years, my entrepreneurial spirits kicked in and it was time to move on. From technology to entertainment, I've been working for myself ever since.

Feel free to follow my journey or reach out to me through anyone of my social outlets as I continue to discover the chapters of my life!

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