Kerrie Corfield

Student and Artist in Lincoln, United Kingdom

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My practice addresses the atmospheric aesthetics in relation to the audiences’ interaction with specific structures but also subconsciously challenges the relationship between light and space. Through a new era, the concept of creating structures to hold these installations make a new space even more intriguing.

The majority of the time spent creating installations involves an architectural element through cutting, welding, shaping, sizing and measuring. An interest in the building and curatorial process aids the production

How colour and space are used to intensify the installation to create a bigger impact in engaging with the audience

Electricity is a huge factor involved with my outcomes by helping the distinction to become stronger and more powerful in shadow.

Material in my practice consists of handmade light boxes, learning how electricity works and is shaped through space to create a different atmosphere, wood in order to create larger than life structures concerning the impact of height and shadow, light installations from ready-made bulbs and wire to create my own structural installations.

1960 brought the Minimalist Movement consisting of a few main artists creating primarily aesthetic shapes. Dan Flavin created a new space with his fluorescent light fixtures. Outside the art community I a hugely inspired by factory buildings