Kerry Chen

Beijing, Beijing, China

Hello, awesome world!

I'm always here, coding or reading, practising or thinking. After that, enjoy light music 5min in a Tomato Timer and loop. Live life to the fullest but take it easy, step by step.

In my eyes, geek is a kind of Desire, and Dream needs Desire, because of D, talents are born from hardwork.

In my spare time, no drinking, no smoking, I treat my these behaviors as a training, but anime and basketball are my love. Anime gave me D in One Piece and Slam Dunk, and basketball show that "Don't ever underestimate a heart for champion!"

If you are interested with me, find me on:

Github: my open source project and Blog


Douban Book: my book list




  • Work
    • Web Developer
  • Education
    • UESTC