Kerryn Du Toit

Hi Guys

Thank you for visiting my site! This site is my expressive outlet.

KonversationsWithKerryn is the brainchild of Johannesburg Travel; Photography; Food; Beauty; Fashion & social enthusiast.

Kerryn works in the entertainment industry with celebrity & sports personalities. She has therefore been exposed to the glitz and glam side of the industry as well as the hardworking grunt work of it. She developed a love for food and wine through her family. She is highly passionate about travel & experiencing new places and cultures as people fascinate her. Her biggest passion without a doubt is wildlife and Conservation. This is where travel and passion pulls together.

Kerryn currently works with her sister; who is co-director of a Celebrity; Corporate & Sports based PR & Marketing team to develop aspiring and established careers in the entertainment industry.

Following many talented South African Blogs; Kerryn Aspires to grow her blog and wants she also wanted to share her loves & passions with the world. Konversations With Kerryn is my secret little outlet for expression and I hope you can enjoy the read!

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