Laser Strike Knife by ESEE

One of the most important traits for a knife meant for everyday carry, most people agree, is that it should be easy to live with. Even knives that fold down to a reasonable, pocket-friendly size are not always pleasant to own in this respect, with issues like ragged edges and inconvenient carrying clips frequently cropping up.

That means that those looking for a long-term partner of this sort often do well to do quite a bit of research. One easy way of narrowing the field down somewhat, though, is to focus on the manufacturers who have proven that they know what contributes to a satisfying, agreeable everyday knife.

Leading manufacturer Kershaw is definitely one of these. With a range of products that goes from the most affordable nearly to the highest end of the price scale, Kershaw is known for providing an appropriate mixture of quality and features at every step of the ladder. At the same time, the company is also well known for understanding, at a deep level, what makes a great knife for everyday carrying and for ensuring that all of its products live up to this ideal.

This knife is an excellent example of this philosophy in action. Ever since its introduction, it has been a favorite with reviewers and enthusiasts alike, delivering a truly compelling mixture of features, value, and practicality.

A detailed kershaw knockout review published by retailer Knifeworks at, for example, lists a whole slew of points that speak in the knife's favor as a great choice for everyday purposes and carry. To begin with, the dimensions fall right into the range that most people are comfortable with for daily carry, with the requirements of a well-sculpted three-inch blade giving the knife a folded length of a little over four inches.

This model boasts another attractive feature in terms of the flexible clip arrangement that Kershaw is so well known for. Instead of requiring owners to be satisfied with a single, set orientation, the clip on the Knockout can be moved to any of four positions. That makes it possible to carry the folded knife with its tip up or down for both ri