Kesean Kenton

business developlent in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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"My mission is simple, that is, to inspire positive change. I'd love to be able to do this for everyone I meet if possible."

As brand consultant and a creative designer, Kesean realized that many companies and individuals don't understand the importance and the role branding plays in our society. Even more, he noticed that most lack the ability to articulate why they do what they do, who they are and what they're about; their brand message. He believes such important info shouldn't be left without attention. Helping to guide someone in the right direction, and educating them on the important principles that will ultimately lead them to a successful, meaningful brand is what he says all about now-a-days. So much so that he's centered his blog,, around branding. He has written dozens of articles on the topic of branding, held webinars, and even written an eBook called, You're More Valuable Than You Think, all in an effort to help others navigate through the fuzzy world called branding, with clarity.

"I love the fact that as people, we can inspire each other go the extra mile, to do exceedingly great things, beyond what we've ever dreamed. It's my belief that we all can be a symbol of inspiration, inspiring others to inspire others."

Education: Andrews University, Michigan, and the Academy of Design and Technology, Toronto
Work: Brand Direction + Creative Design at ProtoImage Designs
Misc: Helping Every Youth Magazine, The YouTubeBuzz

  • Work
    • Brand Consultant
  • Education
    • Andrews University
    • International Academy of Design and Technology