Kevin Craffey

Plymouth, MA

Possessing more than 35 years in the construction industry, Kevin Craffey holds the titles of owner and President of two Massachusetts-based businesses—Craffey & Co., Builders Inc. and K & J Interiors, Inc. At Craffey & Co., Mr. Craffey offers a complete set of general contracting services in 45 states and specializes in large projects related to the commercial retail industry, such as mall additions and renovations of big-box stores. At K & J Interiors, Inc., Kevin Craffey takes on carpentry installation projects in the retail, institutional, and commercial construction industries throughout New England. In its first five years of operation, K & J Interiors completed projects totaling almost $80 million.

In addition to these two businesses, Mr. Craffey works at KJ Realty Trust Corporation/Court Street Trust Corporation, which has successfully developed offices, residences, and commercial buildings in Plymouth, Hanover, and Avon, Massachusetts. In particular, Mr. Craffey has taken on the job of revitalizing buildings in downtown Plymouth, including the historic Buttner building.

Additionally, Kevin Craffey has a history of renovating large-scale businesses, most notably the Mountain View Grand. A 200-room resort hotel located in the White Mountains in New Hampshire, the Mountain View Grand opened in 1865 but had to close its doors in 1986 due to financial issues. Mr. Craffey, who held the positions of owner and President of Mountain View Development from 1999 to 2005, was charged with restoring the hotel. During the process, Kevin Craffey worked with 14 state and federal agencies to manage the project’s financing; employed more than 300 workers; developed operations to the levels of a 4-diamond, 4-star property with two years’ time; and negotiated a profitable sale to Great American Corporation.

  • Work
    • Craffey and Co., Builders Inc.
  • Education
    • Massasoit Community College
    • Associated General Contractors of America
    • Massachusetts Carpenter's Training Center