Kevin Russell

Blue Marble

Earthling: I live a conservative and intentional life as a progressive independent, committed to supporting the Earths beautiful biodiversity and sustainable system dynamics based on science, activism and respect all living systems.

Father: A wonderful journey and honor at every stage.

Son and brother: Parents try to give us the best they think they can, and we find out just how hard it is ... if and when we become one.

Technologist: Simulation Innovation Strategist. Building a transmedia business innovating at the intersection of interactive 5D properties and formats, blending serious simulations, training and entertainment applications for Commercial Space, STEM learning, Transportation, Energy, Healthcare and Environment to improve our situational awareness, entertainment and learning performance.

Artist: Drawing and painting was first, though music school and production was my first career. Now excited by my friend and colleagues AI music composition tools. Between guitar ambient approaches it opens even more sublime possibilities. Some architectural design thinking is always kicking around on paper or in a CAD file somewhere.

Engineer: Psychoacoustics, then electronics led to a deep love of audio engineering and the passion for interactive software development to create 3D audio tools, content and immersive user interfaces. This provides a rich territory I continue to explore.

Designer: Sound design brings the 4D design thinking principals of space and time together. Numerous commercial and artist productions provided the fundamental training ground for non linear interactive user interface design. During this time, I finally came around to landscape design when the vertical interface of New York City made me miss it so much. My Mother would have been proud of my lilies of the valley. Similarly, each garden tool helps constructs for the eyes, ears, nose and hand the interface to that wonderful space. I see all the dots connecting here between air, water, land and sky. I look forward to someday deciding on water and light features. You are here.

Scientist: My ignorance compells me to continually ask lots questions and seek out their answers. Interdisplinary attention to information theory and its relationship to astrophysics, metacognition, human biomedical performance and creativity

  • Work
    • metawave media
  • Education
    • BSc New York Univesity, M.P.S New York University