Kevin McKeever

Writer, Editor, and Sometime Fountains of Wayne percussionist in Connecticut

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Kevin McKeever is a freelance writer and editor in between his duties as an at-home dad to three: boy, girl and canine.

This Connecticut suburb boy writes a nationally award-winning newspaper column for The Advocate of Stamford, Conn., and the "Dad at Home" column for Stamford Magazine. However, he supports his craft-beer habit by writing for companies, big and small.

Kevin McKeever is also editor of City Dads Group because, you know, for kids. Once in a while, he still posts on his one-time vibrant, award-winning blog Always Home and Uncool.

He has swapped dog grooming tips with Heloise from “Hints with Heloise” on NPR and, on national TV, Katie Couric called him “hot.” His work has been featured in Canada’s Globe and Mail, the New York Daily News and landfills worldwide.