Kevin Shema

Student and UMUTI PACKAGING C0-founder

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I am a student and a business co-founder currently living in Kigali, Rwanda. My interests range from entrepreneurship to reading. I am also interested in video games, travel, and soccer (I'm a die-hard fan of Arsenal).

I'm a driven person who works hard to attain my goals, and the ability to overcome obstacles and follow things to completion has always been a reliable tool of mine.

On this journey of being an entrepreneur and a student simultaneously, I have faced many challenges, many of which are difficult to handle. A few of these problematic challenges had the potential to shake my faith. However, Continuing to believe in the hope of our business, despite the challenges and the roadblocks, was a lifestyle I had to endure. Especially tricky when friends advise you to give up and don't even believe in you. However tough I am, and I was, it hurts, but I just had to keep on powering.

I am an entrepreneur by choice and an active entrepreneur by dream and vision, and this is due to the different entrepreneur roles I have possessed since I joined my high school. The love and passion for learning new things and desire to escape the comfort zone with an unconventional view in changing the world have pushed me into taking into action the climate issues.

It still seems like climate change is a somewhat general problem for most people, something that's happening far away, or something that won't happen until the distant future. But to my team(Co-founders) and i, nothing could be further from the truth.

I'm not a fan of talking about achievements since there is a lot to learn and a lot to achieve. I'm enjoying this journey, and if you want to know, my greatest fulfillment is that I have been a cleaner at my university for a year. I credit this achievement a lot, and it helped me create a behavior of being down to earth, empathy, and kindness. This produced many opportunities so far, and it has been a cutting edge of my carrier.