Kevin Carter

Farnborough, United Kingdom

Marketing chap with a tattoo or two. Father & G'father. Played General Melchett’s moustache in Blackadder.

"Kevin is an over-anxious, melancholy miserablist. A frequent insomniac who can be highly elated, and deeply depressed all in 24hrs.” Stephen Fry – English comedian, actor, writer and presenter“

Most likely pupil of his year to be a future British Prime Minister… or a time traveller.” Mr Fuller – former headmaster“

Dicky [KC] is a gay icon.” Paul McCann“

He’s a Nazi communist.” Keith Jacobs.

Kevin R Carter lives in Farnborough Hampshire, where he is a marketer working for a local company. Father and Grandfather, he loves anything to do with the internet, social media, karaoke, fixed gear bikes, mental health, writing, blogging, mountains, The Smiths, Google Earth and red wine. A dedicated former blogger both professionally and personally, he has written about life, relationships, divorce, sex, work and just about everything in-between since 2008. He is anti-Tory, Tesco, McDonald’s, the current banking, stock market and finance systems and all forms of corporate and political greed. He is a sworn enemy of the Bagpipes, the SNP, the Eurythmics, Chavs, Al-Qaeda, Isis, the Daily Mail, Rushmoor Borough Council and the woman next door who has Bitchy resting Face.

Kevin was born in Isleworth Middlesex, but moved to what (at the time) seemed like the quiet location of Farnborough in 1977. He has been a trapped citizen ever since, apart from when he was temporarily ostracised to the local town of Fleet for a couple of years. Kevin waits patiently in hope of the zombie apocalypse, although he would prefer the shuffling 70s type to the 28 Days Later running hell for leather sort.

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