Kevin DeRosa

A bodybuilder, Muay Thai kickboxer, and serious guitar player, Kevin DeRosa hardly fits the stereotype of the professional securities dealer. His athletic and artistic pursuits notwithstanding, however, he has been the co-founder of the private wealth management firm The Opus Group, since 2004.

DeRosa began bodybuilding during his junior year in high school. A varsity football quarterback, he needed to build up weight and muscle after his team’s 5-4 performance his junior year, when he weighed under 140 pounds. By using a regimen of bodybuilding and diet developed by his cousin, a professional wrestler, DeRosa came up to 190 pounds his senior year, and led his team to the division championship. He has been bodybuilding ever since, and continued to maintain the strict diet his cousin created for him.

Although he continued to play football at Southern Connecticut State University, Kevin DeRosa concentrated on academics, earning a Bachelor of Science in Business Management in 1992. He acquired his Series 7 and 63 licenses in 1993, and his Series 24, 55, and 87 licenses in the years following. DeRosa co-founded the Opus Group, a wealth management practice that caters to the needs of high-wealth investors and professional athletes. DeRosa derived the principles employed by the Opus Group from strategies he had originally developed when his brother Mark signed a contract to play baseball for the Atlanta Braves. At that time, DeRosa concentrated on helping his brother transform his few years of high income from professional athletics into a lifelong financial security net.

A serious metal and blues guitarist in his spare time, Kevin DeRosa considers George Lynch to be one of his major musical influences. He owns a number of electric and acoustic guitars, among them an Ibanez RG-570 and an Ovation Standard Elite.