Kevin Mottus

Social Worker in Los Angeles, California

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Kevin Mottus is a whistleblower regarding wireless radiation health effects who is currently living in Los Angeles, California. He has spent much of his life volunteering and improving the lives of the people within his community and all around the world.

As a social worker, Kevin Mottus has interests ranging from supporting causes, to volunteering, to public speaking, and other community related events.

Recently, one of the biggest contributions Kevin Mottus has made to society through his professional career has been raising awareness about the dangers of radiation caused by:

-Cell Phones


-Cell Towers

-And other wireless devices

Through projects such as, Kevin Mottus has been educating the public about the various dangers and health risks cell towers and other wireless technology can bring about.

Although you can not see, smell, or feel it, radiation exposure from these devices can lead to serious health issues including cancer.

These dangers are especially apparent in schools with wi-fi where many children have noted feeling symptoms of shakiness, nausea, heart palpitations, and beyond.

Learn more about Kevin's efforts as an environmental health advocate on his Yola site:

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