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Simplicity is what I shoot for when finding solutions for my I.T. clients. In over 30 years working with computers and networks, I've learned that newer is not always better and to trust the intuition of those doing the front-line work. Environmental sustainability is a cornerstone to my philosophy so understanding and extending the life of existing systems is always my first target. As much as I love technology, it is not in-and-of-itself as important as simplicity and local sourcing. Avoiding globalized controllers of a monoculture market is important to natural business growth and common security vulnerabilities. My vintage VW Westfalia bus is an adventure in old technology that still works admirably.

I spend a good bit of time coaching and administrating youth soccer in the North Allegheny Soccer Club where I gladly help a couple hundred other parents keep over a thousand kids active in our programs every fall and spring. Check out our blog for our news and philosophy.

Formerly, I was the PC and Linux Technical Manager (as well as a Board Member) at Computer Reach where we refurbished used computers for needy groups. We helped volunteers use open software to build computer labs for organizations in the US and abroad.

I blog my IT and other thoughts when I can find the time. Here are media streams that feed my thoughts:

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