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I'm a middle-aged American guy battling towards a more sustainable lifestyle; not an easy endeavor when your business is technology. I've worked around Pittsburgh since the late-80's using computers and networks to help groups work smarter. That same attention to efficiency feeds my current fire for sustainable community living. As much as I love technology, it is not in-and-of-itself as important as simplicity and local sourcing. Avoiding globalized controllers of a monoculture market is important to natural business growth and common security vulnerabilities. My recent purchase of a vintage VW Westfalia bus is an adventure in old technology that still works admirably.

I'm currently the President of the North Allegheny Soccer Club where I gladly help a couple hundred other parents keep over a thousand kids active in our programs every fall and spring. Check out our blog for our news and philosophy.

I'm the PC and Linux Technical Manager (as well as a Board Member) at Computer Reach where we refurbish used computers for needy groups. We help volunteers use open software to build computer labs for organizations in the US and abroad.

I blog my IT and other thoughts when I can find the time (Check my FriendFeed). Here are media streams that feed my thoughts:

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