Kevin S. Trowbridge, Ph.D., APR

Teacher, Consultant, and Life Coach in Nashville, Tennessee

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A bridge is a quintessential metaphor for relationship. Like bridges, relationships connect things and serve as conduits of mutual benefit and influence. Kevin Trowbridge revels in the bridge-building process among individuals, groups, organizations, ideas, concepts, or theories.

As a believer, he perceives and interacts with the world through a biblical and Christ-centered frame of reference. As a husband, he savors the blessings of marriage and family. As a relator, he delights in deep and meaningful relationships with those whose paths intersect with his.

As a learner, he is intrigued by the ways in which we make sense of the world around us. As a teacher, he guides his students in making rigorous and relevant connections--intellectually, professionally, and spiritually. As a maximizer, he sees the potential in others and pushes them to achieve it.

As an enthusiast, he is fascinated by the meaning manifested in everyday innovations, especially emerging technologies and classic toys (e.g., Potato Heads). As a researcher, he investigates how media are used to build and maintain relationships in today's hyper-connected society. As a strategist, he envisions how new bridges can lead to transformational relationships.

The building and maintenance of each bridge is affected by and, simultaneously, affects our understanding of understanding of the world around us.

Trowbridge blends these roles as a member of the public relations faculty at Belmont University.

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