Kevin Weatherman

Business Development in New York

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Kevin Weatherman currently leads Business Development at Spiral, a mobile first professional video platform.

In the past he has helped to scale three startups from less than 10 employees to over 100+ including scaling MoPub from $0 to over $250M+ as the first business hire and fifth employee overall. He helped see through MoPub’s acquisition by Twitter in 2013.

As an early employee at MoPub, Kevin was able to build an industry leading publisher sales team, client services organization and demand team. In addition, he worked alongside senior leadership at MoPub to build a culture of intelligent, hard-working, passionate people aligned on clearly defined goals.

Kevin is passionate about creating successful companies with the foundation of talented people, culture, and process outputting a strong market-leading product. He is an enthusiast of OKRs, admires the early Google culture, and the lessons from Jim Collin's "Good to Great" & Ben Horowitz's "Hard thing about hard things."

As an angel investor, Kevin looks for strong product/engineering founded teams that are focused on building technology and addressing transparent problems in the market. His strengths lie in working at early stage startups and helping them to scale based on his experience in mobile, Ad Tech and BD/sales.