Kevin Wicker

Kevin Wicker

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Professional musician since 1981.

Spent much of my career in a room with knobs and speakers, or from bus to room to bus to room to stage to bus, on the road.

Worked in Nashville for 30 years as a studio sideman, vocalist, studio owner and indie producer.

Made lots and lots of music, hung out with lots of interesting people. Some were famous. Got lots of stories to tell.

Started out on the second half of life attending college at FULL SAIL UNIVERSITY with a degree in Media and Communications.

Here's one of my school assignments:

Fully armed and capable, with mad skills and lots of experience.

I retired from the Nashville meat wagon. So the little family and I moved back home to Florida. A completely different scene. Something we desperately needed.

I love to entertain and play live. There's a magic sense of connectivity when I see people having a good time, so I decided to live out my days entertaining people on the beach!

Sun, sky, sea and good sounds! That's how I roll.

I found something to be true over the years: No one can beat you at being you, no matter what it is you do. Just follow what you love, and trust God.