Kevin Williams

I was born and raised in the Colorado mountains. As an only child, I had a small circle of friends in my neighborhood that I spent all my time with. I spent a large portion of my youth outdoors - hiking, camping, hunting, and riding dirt bikes. I made National Honor Society and was a good musician, but I wanted to race bikes instead of concentrate on school.

I eventually got married and moved to the Front Range, going "where the money is". I soon saw the promise of the Internet and decided to learn programming. I am completely self-taught, having never gone to college for a Computer Science degree. I've had a great career as a software engineer ever since (rated the #1 job of 2010). At work, I primarily use Java, but I am passionate about Ruby and Luaand Node.jsand CoffeeScript and Go as well as functional programming. Some of my recent (but very basic) work is on GitHub.

Now, with a wife, two sons, two cars, a house, and plenty of demands on my time and checkbook, I find very little time or energy for music or dirt bikes. I've reached an age where riding is as much work as it is fun. So, I re-discovered photography. I now pursue fine art landscape photography as my outlet for creative expression and being out in the mountains. I don't have time to pursue it as a business, but I am excited about selling some prints someday.

You can achieve whatever you put your mind to. Vast amounts of time and effort will be required, as well as a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, but it all starts with determination and passion.