Kewho Min

Certified Public Accountant in New York, NY

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Kewho Min is a dedicated professional with decades of experience in finance and accounting. Throughout his storied career, Kewho has handled millions of dollars in assets and accounts for a variety of large names. Using his innate accounting skills and communication abilities, Kewho has earned the respect and admiration of his colleagues and community.

Kewho has a great deal of senior-level experience across numerous sectors of finance, including, but not limited to, external reporting, technical accounting, foreign currency accounting and international compliance, mergers and acquisitions, and company budgeting/long-term planning.

A problem-solver who integrates creativity with scrupulous reporting and accounting, Kewho Min is able to quickly and efficiently integrate solutions to long-term issues using his technical expertise. Kewho has implemented improvements within every firm that he has been part of. He has been instrumental in managing the close process while finding synergies and efficiencies to reducing the closing periods. His understanding of accounting systems has come from working on many systems integrations. He also has significant exposure to mergers and acquisitions, starting from the due diligence and valuation perspective all the way to the successful integration of the entity into consolidated financials.

For Kewho Min, accounting is "step one" of any successful project or company undertaking. He gives his all and works across departments to ensure that this first step is as strong and conducive to success as possible.

This extremely dedicated work ethic can be seen during his time at a variety of well-known, prominent institutions. Some of Kewho's previous positions include: corporate controller and vice president of the Jefferies Group, LLC; vice president in accounting and finance at ICON Investments; director of global accounting at Walmart; and most recently, controller at Ibex.

Outside of his career in finance, Kewho Min enjoys spending time with his family, watching football, and reading up on important causes. As a New Yorker, he is naturally a Yankees fan. Cheering on one of the country's greatest sports teams gives him a great deal of pride; he is also a Dallas Cowboys fan, and roots for America's Team every Sunday.

Kewho Min is extremely hopeful for this profile, and knows that it will bring about tons of professional connections.

  • Education
    • Montclair State University