Kristjan Kristjansson

Public Speaker in Cambridge, Massachusetts

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Kristján is VP of Marketing Products at Meniga. Before joining Meniga in early 2014 Kristján was CEO of Icelandic Startups, which focuses on empowering the Icelandic Entrepreneurial Eco-system. For several years, he has played a leading role in Iceland´s vibrant startup scene. He managed StartupReykjavik (2012-2013), the #1 Seed Accelerator in Iceland. He is also an accredited Global Facilitator for Startup Weekend (2009-), who has facilitated more than 10+ Startup weekends in diverse places, ranging from Reykjavík, Iceland to Tehran, Iran (2012-). He was the global partner for Global Entrepreneurship Week in Iceland (2009-2013), TEDxReykjavik licensee (2011-2013) and the former manager of Iceland’s largest idea competition, the Golden Egg (2009-2011).

Kristján is an experienced speaker, who has given dozens of keynotes on a variety of topics such as Entrepreneurship, Project Management and Business Models. He has also been involved in teaching Entrepreneurship courses (2010-) at the University of Iceland, Bifrost University and at the Reykjavík University.
Kristján is a board member in a number of small startups in Iceland, as well as the Icelandic Water Holdings (2012-), which distributes Icelandic natural water widely across North America, Europe and Asia.

Kristján has founded two small startups of his own. First, a small and an honest failure, a software company, and second a souvenir startup which sells volcanic ash from the Volcano Eyjafjallajökull in Iceland.
Kristján has a Bachelor degree in Political Science with emphasis on economics and a master’s degree in Marketing and International Business.

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    • Meniga
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    • M.Sc. Marketing International Business
    • B.A. Political Science