Kurt Griffiths

Accomplished Technologist in Colorado

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Hi, I'm Kurt. I'm a technical leader, accomplished technologist, mentor, and open-source enthusiast; as well as a dad and musician.

When I was 12 I ignored my sister's advice and I spent my life savings on a BASIC programming book...

One thing led to another, and I soon found myself starting an indie game company with a friend.

Since then, I've had amazing opportunities to work in a variety of roles in open source, cloud services, system utilities, Internet marketing, and application security.

As a well-rounded technical leader, mentor, and architect, I gravitate towards management and technical leadership roles where I can help both individuals and the team take things to the next level.

I bring to the table an in-depth understanding of cloud-native design and SDLC best practices, along with a proven track record of delivering performant, scalable, and secure cloud services. I'm also a strong end-user advocate, with hands on experience in both product management and customer support.

It might sound cliche, but improving the world we live in and helping others achieve their potential is very important to me. I've spent countless hours mentoring both senior and junior engineers, as well as working directly with senior leadership and customers to achieve great outcomes.

I'm also a big believer and contributor to open source and serve as a core maintainer for the Falcon web framework in the Python community. Many products that I have worked on would not have been possible without building on top of a number of other great community projects.

Oh, and I hold a B.Sc. in Computer Science from Brigham Young University, much to the chagrin of my music professor.

  • Education
    • b.s. Computer Science
    • Brigham Young University