Khadija Craddock

East Orange, NJ

I write about my dreams and they take me into a world that can cause you to avert your gaze but still peek out your peripheral, pull the covers over you, stain your cheeks pink, or narrow your eyes. This Newark, NJ native, mother of two, K-drama lover, over-thinker, sensitive writer aspires to be crafty enough to properly manifest my dreams into well formed sentences. I hope readers will enjoy the show.

Writing paranormal novels is not my only love. I have been a poet since elementary school. It swooshes around in my viens. So once in awhile I have to cut myself open so the words can spill. You can read my poetry on your kindle or nook devices. You can read my novel on your kindle or nook device.

  • Work
    • Newark Public Schools
  • Education
    • William Paterson University of New Jersey