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Multi-Channel Retailing Just Got a Lot Easier to Manage

Managing any type of business and keeping up with orders, shipping details, invoices, and CRM is difficult enough, but if your business is a multi-channel retail operation, it can be even more resource-intensive. While you're trying to grow your operations, you can easily find yourself spending an inordinate amount of time tending to the more mundane side of the business. A tool is needed that can add efficiencies through automation, covering a wide range of functions in order to free you up to handle the more important aspects of your business. A robust, full-featured Enterprise Resource Planning program can be just what you need.KHAOS Control (khaoscontrol) is a software solution which can stop you from having to wear so many hats just to keep your day-to-day operations going. It offers a number of capabilities and can be tailored to your business' specific needs. Items such as inventory tracking, purchasing, account maintenance, CRM, and invoice management can all be handled by the software which can also work in concert with third-party listing sites such as EBay and Amazon. In addition to managing your listings and providing an interface where you can easily change these listings, KHAOS Control can also help you with the details of shipping, billing, and maintaining relations with your customer base. The advantages apply whether you are processing your orders online or through a dedicated call-centre.You will find a high degree of customization available which will make certain that the needs of your business are adequately met. One example of this is the fact that many multi-channel retailers use off-site data centres to host their servers, saving them money and minimizing down-time. If that is the case of your business, the KHAOS Control program comes with a SaaS licensing model to facilitate your method of operation. The program is also scalable, so that it can meet the needs of businesses with as few as three users, all the way up to large companies with hundreds. The functionality can also be tailored to your business so that you only take advantage of the features that your business calls for.You will want to further in