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Well, what is up, everyone? Welcome back to my YouTube network. Hope you men are having an excellent day as well as a fantastic week. Have you ever before had a crush? As well as you asked yourself if they liked you or not having a little time, yet generally they don't like me. So today I will certainly be providing you six various signs that you're crushed.
Secretly likes you. So before we begin, if you individuals could go like this video, boom, boom, boom. I know just how difficult it is in the love world. You like someone as well as you need to know if they like you back. Possibilities are they do not but Hey, why not try? Great individuals. Below we go. Yo dude, my crush is looking at me.
Oh, she is. I'm looking at her back. Okay.
Yep. She's coming here. Hold it, hold it. Hey, you know, I couldn't aid observe you are looking at me from over there. It's substantial. Well, thank you. Don't she observed my, I understand. Excellent job. I remain in guy. Like she likes me like no shake. Hey Mason, can I speak with you for a second? Yeah, sure. Let's go.
So, uh, would you wish to talk about Brent? Yeah, he's been very scary lately. Okay. What's uh, what's he doing? That's weird. Okay. Could you similar to tell him to lay off? Yeah. Yeah, he can give up. Trendy. He's mosting likely to lay off. Yeah, I obtained you brother. Yo dude. Okay. So I did some study, right? Obviously if you talk to a woman and she's nervous, it means that she likes you.