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hospital in Jiangdong District

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Director Yuki Sato

Nice to meet you, my name is Yuki Sato, Director of Kiba Osteopathic Institute.

First of all, our hospital is an osteopathic clinic that is appreciated by those who really want to cure pain fundamentally!

You may not be satisfied if you are not trying to cure yourself or are seeking relaxation or massage.

Stiff shoulders and back pain are not cured by massage! !

After receiving a massage, it will be restored the next day or a few days later! Have you ever said that?

Our concept is “immediate and sustainable”.

Tight waist, sleeping mistakes, whiplash from traffic accidents, etc.

If you want to cure pain, numbness, and severe stiffness as soon as possible, please come to the hospital.

We aim for early treatment with careful explanation and treatment that can only be done in Kiba Osteopath in Koto Ward.

I want patients to be cured quickly! !

We have prepared a variety of menus from that thought.

At Kiba Osteopathic Hospital, there are many patients who have improved their symptoms without surgery even if they are recommended for hernia, sciatica, spinal stenosis, etc.!

Consult us once the symptoms do not change after surgery! !

Please leave it after childbirth! !