It’s a pleasure to watch your preschooler grow older, become completely independent and develop a unique personality. But how you as a parent will evaluate is your child actually developing age-appropriate learning skills?

It is wonderful to watch young children as they learn about their particular world and develop their new skill areas. Being a parent and being your child’s first instructor, there is no one better able to notice this unfolding procedure and assemble precise information about how well your child is developing learning and thinking skills, appropriate for 2 to 6year old child. If you are still unclear about what I am talking about then, for better understanding follow the listed below guidelines, so you as a parent can have a clear understanding about how your child is learning and how you can support him in his development.

Is your child actually developing age- appropriate learning skills?

It’s really useful to know what learning and thinking skills your child should be developing by age 2 to 6. Just go through the following list and note how your child is performing in each area.

· In the area of “Thinking” does he:

1. Understand the words like, where, when, Why, if?

2. Able to recognize the numeric numbers? (1, 2, 3, 4 )

3. Understand and recognize the causeandeffectsof relationships?

4. Think logically? (Understand connections and consequences)

5. Involve in fantasy play with people, animals and dolls?

6. Able to follow a simple three part command?

7. Put efforts to solve simpler problems rather than asking for help?

· In the area of – “Learning” does he:

1. Able to match two pictures that are alike?

2. Able to fix three pictures in a logical order?

3. Able to recognize the things, which certainly go together. (E.g. a spoon and a fork)

4. Able to recognize and name a square, circle and triangle?

5. Able to remember names and colors?

6. Able to repeat a simple patter like, step, step, hop – step, step, hop?

7. Able to solve simple puzzles?

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