Kim Simpson

Producer, Curator, and Facilitator in Glasgow, UK

Kim Simpson

Producer, Curator, and Facilitator in Glasgow, UK

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I am a disabled strategist, facilitator and coach based in Glasgow. I work with people, organisations, institutions and networks in the 'connective tissue' of arts and culture, making links, sharing knowledge, strengthening teams, relationships and systems and empowering creative, energising and ecological working.

I bring a passion for and experience in dance, theatre, live art, music, design, technology and innovation. I champion learning and am a committed lifelong learner, with a deep interest in community, equalities, politics, philosophy and economics.

I do (and learn from) coaching, facilitating, curating, writing, producing and strategic planning across Scotland and internationally. Each of these pieces of work feed and nurture the others.

I know (and learn from) and can connect you to diverse people in different creative industries around the world, particularly UK, Europe and Asia.

I am a huge advocate of rest and reflection.

You can see me speaking here and here.

I am currently working with notgoingbacktonormal, Creative Scotland, Clore Leadership, Freelance Task Force, Dumfries and Galloway Arts Festival and directly with artists.

I currently lead on Artist and Sector Relations for Take Me Somewhere with a particular focus on their Artist Constellation.

Previous work includes:

Made in Scotland Festival Brussels.

Tramways Unlimited Festival and the accompanying blog.

And last year I did one of these brilliant Clore Fellowships.

My trusted friend and longtime collaborator Daisy Douglas took this kick-ass photo.

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