Kimberly (Kim) Miller

Mom Blogger, Social Media Manager, and Mother in Mechanicsville, Virginia

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Becoming a mother changes your life in more ways than one. You are automatically enrolled into a lifelong commitment of heartache, sleep-deprivation, joy, laughter and all the hugs one heart can hold.


I love blogging and interacting with my readers and followers via social media. I love to share my thoughts on a variety of topics, and the entire family loves testing out new products and sharing our thoughts. We get a HUGE kick out of hosting giveaways to share these amazing products with our followers. It puts a smile on our face!


Yes, that's me in two words. I'm on the computer from the time I wake up until I fall asleep. The kids are threatening to find an Internet Addiction Anonymous recovery group to enroll me in. The intervention failed. I couldn't pull my face out of my iPhone long enough to pay attention.


Professed Gordon Ramsay junkie. Love to sing, people just have to wear earplugs to listen. I dance around the house with the dog when nobody is looking.

No matter what life sends your way, if you change your thought process and look for the good in every single situation, you begin to see the world differently. Look for the silver lining and focus on that. You'd be amazed at what it does for your outlook on life.

Forgive the errors of your past, love yourself unconditionally, and never let a moment pass without loving and laughing. We are not promised a tomorrow. Only a today, only this moment.

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