Kimberley Barry

Technologist in Los Angeles, California

Kimberley Barry

Technologist in Los Angeles, California

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So I see that you've clicked on that link.

Please do reach out to me by Tweeting, Facebook, or visit my LinkedIn. Check the links below to find me across all manner of socials.

I take pride in connecting the dots between people and systems - the ones and zeros. The cybersecurity world is my home for now and I love the community that I work in. Demonstrating real value to businesses in particular in the Cyber Security industry, providing teachable moments in the ever-changing Digital Marketing landscape.

Focusing on leveraging emerging social channels to gain new markets and retain clients is my jam.

Researching trends (I've been an avid book worm now digital worm) to stay atop of what is coming out in all manners of social / content creation brings much joy.

Reach out via my personal email, that is

\\ Play nice. - @Kminx

  • Work
    • Mitnick Security Consulting
  • Education
    • Charles Sturt University