Kim Jones

Writer and Editor in Columbus, Georgia

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Former music writer/site editor for and former Managing Editor for In other words, I spent 13 years being surrounded by music 24/7 and I loved it!

An ordained pastor who is waiting to see which direction God is going to move me in.

Married for 20+ years, 6 kids (2 still at home)

Grandma as of September 2010

I'm a realist who has learned (the hard way) that life isn't an easy ride that is packaged nice and neatly and topped with a pink bow. We walk, we fall down, we get up and dust ourselves off and then we try again. Some of us learn from our mistakes more quickly than others and sadly, some people never really do learn. For me, knowing that I'm forgiven makes it bearable because I really am the poster child for God's grace.