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Crafter, writer, and blogger in Yonkers, NY

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I have previously written on (the now defunct), and at the time had over 200 pages including works in progress, as well as some 'awards'. Most of those pages are now on as far as the topics on there and of my Blogs (which you can find below) among them are Entertainment (books, Movie, tv & product reviews etc), Biographies, recipes, crafts, Holidays & some educational pages on writing, Poetry, Norse/vikings. I have over 100 finished poems and more in the works, currently working on 2 stories & there's one more I have notes for They are all fictional but one may be a prediction as it's set sometime in the future.

My Interests and hobbies are varied

I like Norse mythology, Vampires, Playing all sorts of games Farkle, Board games, especially Monopoly & Backgammon, card games etc. I like to play Bocce ball (when we go to family gatherings) Doing crafts (variety of them) mostly making Jewelry or coloring. I like to watch Movies, Mostly Horror, action, thrillers & especially Vampires (Twilight for the lack of fangs does not count!...) ©"No Fang No Bang" as I say. Some of my favorite movies are Jaws, Lost Boys and Avatar a new Classic & Avengers and we can now add Dracula untold to that list. The same genres go for what I read as well.

I now occasionally watch hockey but the New Jersey Devils are my Favorite team. The NY Rangers Practice facility is in Westchester, & the arena in NYC so I'm right in the Middle of their territory. I also watch Nascar Kevin Harvick #29 now #4 is my favorite and Kasey Kane too. I have watched Wrestling on and off since I was little, Love Randy Orton, Finn Balor, and Roman Reigns Natalya (the only Diva worth following)

Rock & Metal music. Some of my fave 'classic' bands are Aerosmith Kiss Led Zepplin Rolling Stones current faves are Godsmack #1 3 Days Grace Avenged Sevenfold Five Finger Death Punch, My Darkest Days, Breaking Benjamin Tyr (Viking Metal band) Linkin Park, Rev Theory, & Bullet For My Valentine

Some favorite shows are Vikings, The Walking Dead, Lethal Weapon, Animal Kingdom, American Horror Story, Arrow, Doctor Who and there's plenty more. Undateable (i miss)

Queen Scorpio and self-proclaimed Queen of Halloween...just look at the mummy costume, all homemade!

collects Brass keys ('antique' like the old-fashioned 'skeleton key looking sort.

Drop me a line & ask me anything I may have left out!

have a good day

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