Kingcuan Token

Project Manager in Gianyar, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia

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Kingcuan is very easy to understand. It is a cryptocurrency fund and it will deal with investment strategies.

Kingcuan is not a purely high-frequency speculative asset, because on some projects we will maintain our position for a mid-long term, presumably by selling a part of the coins and holding the other ones for a longer period.

Kingcuan’s Trader team consist plenty of traders, experts, analysts and external collaborators who have more than six years’ experience of working on the Forex market, Crypto trading, start-up investments, and precious metal trading (gold and silver). The team that established Kingcuan was united by the passion for trading, investments and achieving good business results.

Our traders are motivate to generate a good passive profit daily for interest returns for CUAN token lenders. Commission are rewards to keep our traders work well. Until today, the Kingcuan team has been providing and taking care of its own means and those of some private clients, achieving enviable results. Those results have been achieved by means of a system that combines diversified investment portfolio, fast responsiveness to change and innovation, experienced traders, external advisers and excelent team work.

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