Dennis Yatras

Artist and Designer in Αθήνα, Ελλάδα

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Dennis finds himself drawn to all things nostalgic about the 80's and 90's. His work is colorful and detail-oriented with clear influences from shoujo manga of decades past. He particularly enjoys the themes and imagery of magical girl and Tokusatsu shows. He began self-publishing his own comics in 2018 when he begun his solo project titled Dark Practice, a supernatural horror fantasy series, about a teenage witch exploring the terrible secrets of the rural town of Shallowfrith. At its core, the comic draws inspiration from 1980's horror films, and shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and explores the themes of human nature, family and overcoming what seems to be pre-written. Lately he begun a collaboration with the greek comic artist Avgi Kanaki on "Equidistance", a four-part zine series about two young men who share the same home in two separate universes: one of them is an earthling while the other one comes from a dystopian world so near yet so far away. The work is inspired by retro-futurism and classic anime titles such as Akira and Perfect Blue. Finally when the schedule allows he enjoys doodling fan art of his favourite media such as Steven Universe, Sailor Moon, Pokemon and anything else he might obsess over at that particular time.

  • Education
    • Middlesex University
    • A.T.E.I. of Athens School of Graphic Arts