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"There's only one thing that can kill the movies, and that's education." Will Rogers, Film Actor (1879 – 1935)


SPRING 2020 update

“Besides his excellent teaching record, Dr. Taylor is a prolific researcher and superbly productive writer Dr. Taylor appears to be that rare case of a scholar who is equally strong in teaching as well as academic research…” Professor, Winfried Fluck (ret), John F. Kennedy Institute of North American Studies, Berlin. JFKI


My core teaching focus is screenwriting. What drives this is an abiding engagement with progressive Media Literacy and advancing creative and rhetorical empowerment, whether that be in film, media, or the written word.


This commenced after graduating from both the London Film School, and then the Department of Education, Oxford University.

It began in the UK upon departing Balliol College (into Secondary and FE) and has extended since to the Film Haus, Frankfurt/Main, the University of Mainz (Doctorate Filmwissenschaft) and the Free University, Berlin.

Teaching and management duties advanced to South Africa where I served as Professor of the Film Programme in Pretoria. Amongst my duties there was course verifier (Media and Film) for the Council of Higher Education.


My work is informed by ongoing research (member, Screenwriting Research Network) and my own creative practice in writing original scripts and adaptations (Irish short stories and Conrad's Heart of Darkness).

CILECT 2012 – 2019

As well as authoring my own books on Hitchcock, New Hollywood, US film and news broadcasting histories, I have been project initiator, contributor, and co-editor of the two Volumes that comprise the 21 Century Book Project for CILECT - The International Association of Film and Television Schools:

‘As well as monitoring and thorough proofreading, Alan has brought his extensive teaching experience (U.K., Europe, and South Africa) to advise upon and help guide the project’s main pedagogic goal - to “advance an on-going commitment by CILECT to encourage and share best practice in film and media education".’

Prof. Dr. Stanislav Semerdjiev, CILECT Executive Director (see interview)



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