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Since graduating from The London Film School (1990) and the Department of Education, University of Oxford (1991), Alan Taylor's career has scoped Secondary and Further Education (U.K), and Higher Education in Germany where he lectured at both the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz (Dr. Phil, magna cum laude), and then the John F. Kennedy Institute at Berlin's Free University.

More recently he has served as Professor and Senior Lecturer of Film in South Africa (screenwriting, film theory & analysis, production).

His core interest throughout is the connect between media theory, screen studies, rhetorical praxis, and pedagogy. His international collaborations have therefore so far supported the work of,

- the Council of Higher Education (verifier for Film & Media Studies courses across South Africa).

- the Centre International de Liaison des Ecoles de Cinéma et de Télévision (initiator, co-editor, and chapter author for The 21st Century Film, TV and Media School Book - CILECT, Volume 1, 2018, pp. 476). Volume 2 is due in Summer of 2019.

For 2018, Dr. Taylor turned to Ireland, where he spoke at the Centre of Film and Screen Media (University College, Cork), and delivered a conference talk for Women and New Hollywood at the Department of Media at Maynooth.

These drew upon his book publications on U.S. film and media histories (2005) and Film Mavericks in Action: New Hollywood, New Rhetoric, and Kenneth Burke (pp. 334, 2017) respectively.

He has since been accepted as a member of the Rhetoric Society of Europe and Media Literacy Ireland - and has founded Currach Film and Media. In connection with the former, Alan's 2019 memberships also includes the Screenwriting Research Network.


Expertise in curricular design, story design/screenwriting, and advisory in post-production film editing/ story fixing.

I share thoughts on film and story technique @in2theframe.


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