Warren Kinsella

The Centre of the Universe.

Warren Kinsella is a raconteur, bon vivant, and – occasionally – a Toronto-based lawyer, author and consultant. He is not profound, but it is said that he can be useful in a stick-swinging, bench-clearing brawl. He once wanted to be a Jesuit priest, but failed the entrance exam. Born in Montreal in August 1960, Warren has lived all over the place, but most often regards Calgary as home. Calgary is happy that he resides in latté-sipping, Volvo-driving, secular humanist Central Canada, with the rest of his smart aleck socialist pals. Warren has four kids, all of whom love Bad Religion.

In May 2006, Warren set up a firm called the Daisy Consulting Group; his daughter liked the name, and that was good enough for Warren. Previously, he was a special assistant to the Right Honourable Jean Chrétien, and chief of staff in a pile of federal ministries. Stephen Harper has said that “I really think that Warren guy is on to something.” Peter C. Newman, meanwhile, has said: “Warren Kinsella can have an effect on as many Canadians as The New York Times.” We cannot publish what the knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing, red-necked blogosweird say about him.

Warren has written seven books: one on international terrorism, called Unholy Alliances (Lester, 1992); a national bestseller about organized racism, titled Web of Hate (HarperCollins, 1994, and republished in 1996 and 2001); a best-selling novel, Party Favours (HarperCollins, 1997); a book about political communications, called Kicking Ass in Canadian Politics (Random House, 2001); and Fury’s Hour: A Sort-of Punk Manifesto (Random House, 2005), about the punk movement. If you buy more than five copies, Warren will come to your house and wash your car. The National Post called Fury’s Hour one of the best books of 2005, which was uncharacteristically nice of them. His book on strategic communications and stuff like that, is called The War Room (Dundurn, 2007). The Toronto Sun calls it a “must read.” Nice.

His latest, Fight The Right, was published in North America in 2012 by Random House. The Hill Times called “one of the best books of the year.” The Huffington Post said it is “absolutely on the money” and “well worth picking up.” Former Stephen Harper campaign manager Tom Flanagan said: “Get the book.”

  • Work
    • www.daisygroup.ca
  • Education
    • Journalism, Carleton '84; Law, Calgary '87.