Kirin Kalia

Los Angeles, California

I'm a startup veteran who has helped select and prepare hundreds of stealth companies for the LAUNCH Festival stage in San Francisco. As a journalist, I've covered web 1.0 (in the US and Europe) and web 2.0, getting to know some of the most passionate and smartest entrepreneurs on the planet. Most recently I ran internal and external communications and managed community for the online platform Suprmasv.

My offerings include

  • Developing and implementing a comprehensive publicity strategy
  • Creating a detailed storyline and schedule for your company blog (plus content for it)
  • Developing and launching an email newsletter for your target audience
  • Preparing you for pitching investors and the press
  • Training your in-house communications team to efficiently produce and analyze performance of new content
  • Improving messaging across your site to boost conversions

Let me help you tell your story to investors, the media, your community -- and grow your business.