Kirk H. Sowell

Amman, Jordan

I am an American political risk analyst and attorney with an interest in issues related to history, historiography, education, culture and media. My professional work mainly focuses on the Middle East, while my Raison d'Etat site - and personal Twitter account @kirkhsowell which is linked to it - focus on broader issues of international affairs, history, education and political thought.

My formal education included Middle Eastern Studies and law. I read and speak Arabic (fluently) and Russian (less than fluently) and have research competency in French and Latin. I grew up in Texas but have spent the plurality of my adult life in the Washington DC metro/North Virginia area. I left the DC area in Aug 2013, and have spent most of my time since in Amman, Jordan with a brief period in Astana, Kazakhstan. Prior to 2013 I had lived abroad in Jordan and Russia (St. Petersburg), and naturally have traveled to various and sundry other places.

  • Work
    • Analyst of International Political & Legal Affairs
  • Education
    • BA Middle Eastern Studies, University of Texas at Austin.
    • JD Cornell Law School