Kirsten Lambertsen

Full Stack Developer in Red Bank, New Jersey

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Tech since 1997. Tech founder since 2000. Product. Software development.

Currently a contract product manager coordinating the development of about five different and very diverse apps at any given time.

Hard at work on my newest creation, Xapnik. Xapnik makes sure you never miss a thing your tribe does online, because solidarity is power.

Stuff I've done:

- VIP client liaison at Automattic, Inc. (2 years)

- Founder of Kuratur (shuttered)

- Founder of (acquired by Total Beauty Media in 2009)

Stuff I Do:

- Digital product development & management

- WordPress developer

- Golang developer

- Angular developer

- Ionic developer

- PHP developer

- HTML understander

- CSS hater

- Blog at and

GitHub access upon request