Kirsten Lambertsen

Full Stack Developer in Red Bank, New Jersey

Digital veteran since 1997. Digital product generalist, honing software development skills in recent years.

Currently a freelance product manager at where I am coordinating the development of about five different and very diverse apps at any given time.

Hard at work on my newest creation, Xapnik. Xapnik makes sure you never miss a thing your tribe does online, because solidarity is power.

Stuff I've done:

- VIP support engineer at Automattic, Inc.

- Founder of Kuratur (shuttered)

- Founder of (acquired by Total Beauty Media in 2009)

Stuff I Do:

- Digital product/project management

- WordPress developer

- Golang developer

- AngularJS developer

- Ionic framework

- PHP developer

- HTML understander

- CSS hater

- Blog at and

GitHub access upon request