Kirsten Gantenbein

I've worn many hats: science writer, marketing communications specialist, webmaster, and content strategist. Currently I'm working on a series of tutorial videos as a usability specialist/product evangelist.

Most of all, I love translating complex concepts into content that’s tailor-made for specific audiences. And I strongly believe that good UX requires a good content strategy.

My professional journey has been influenced by a fascination with life sciences and how emerging technologies impact the way we communicate. I appreciate the power of a good story or an elegant design.

I love watching my daughter explore her new world as a little scientist. If I could be anywhere right now, I'd be rowing with my teammates from Lake Washington Rowing Club in Seattle, WA or drinking beer on a sunny beach with my husband. I'm inspired by Jacques Cousteau, Henry David Thoreau, Sally Ride, and Joe Strummer.