Kirtan Pandya

Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Legend states that, “The day when Kirtan Pandya gets up in the morning at 8 and reaches class before 8.45, the city will flood. “ But, seeing that he is studying in Chennai, the sun only shines a tad bit brighter on such days.

Currently in his fourth year of chemical engineering at SRM University, Chennai, Kirtan is currently the President of the Green Nest’s Chennai Chapter. Unlike the dedication he shows in attending class, he has been working really hard to do his part in contributing to the cause which TGN supports. His radical ideas to make the lives of underprivileged children have brought him to this point in life. Although sometimes, his ideas may seem a bit farfetched, Kirtan happens to be a pretty grounded individual who has accepted the responsibility and is at ease with handling any hurdle that comes his way.

Let the above few lines not mislead you. Movies, music and Gujarati food is what keeps this fellow going. His topics of conversation vary based on the TV series he is currently addicted to. Starting from, “Walter White is the best, bro” to “Watch Fargo. It’s great.” his obsession with TV series is a well-known fact. Gujarati that he is, he worships Ambani, Reliance and Dhokla. Ask him any question and the answer would be,” He is from Gujarat. Obviously, he is awesome” or “Reliance is great” or “Ambani is God” and so on and so forth. He also has a reputation of cracking lame jokes. People who know him and have heard his jokes innumerable times must have definitely had their ears bleeding at some point of time.

Cause Of TGNness:

Education is one ideal he strongly believes in. The development of this country lies in the hands of the current and the next generations. With a part of the population illiterate and underprivileged, a new approach to teaching them is his dream.

Known Symptoms:

His love for beaches especially those around Chennai could be one of the reasons for the many clean up drives of Marina which TGN is undertaking. Apart from beaches, the other thing kirtan loves is sleep. With an impeccable talent of falling asleep anywhere and anytime, his sleep clock is a bit out of sync. While the world sleeps, he is awake and well, you get the point.

With his inborn talent of quoting random movie dialogues and spouting philosophy, he pretty much has what it takes to achieve all his goals and to pursue even greater dreams. Despite his many personality qui

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    • Srm University