Kirtan Thaker

I' m 25. I am Co-founder at White Lotus Corporation, a software development company which provides mobile application development, Website development and Internet Marketing solutions. Me and my very close friends Hardik Patel and Sunil Chavda founded White Lotus Corp in Nov, 2010. We studied and lived together in our college times and now we are again together with one dream in common. This is the best thing that has happened to me and I am very happy about it. Besides work, I do have other interests with what I live upto. Sometimes am a Photographer and sometimes am a Cook. Food is my another passion, I love trying different cuisines. Apart from this, I have a strong desire to see myself listed among authors. Writing is another passion I am trying to develop. Let's see what future has in store for me. I am a blessed child to my lovely parents and thank them for everything that I have. I am firm believer in God and I am grateful to him for giving me this life. I will always value it.